… because I know this is the most important thing I can ever tell anyone. Especially my friends.

After a quick internet search I’ve determined that I am the first person to think of this. If not—O WELL.


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My friend Chris Universe likes to make my words look good.

The Universe, represented, constituted, and described by space-time, does not exhibit [as far as the laws and theories of physics have shown through experimental calculation and observation] either consciousness or a system of weights and measures based on human behavior and/or moral code.  In a system as large as the known observable universe [defined as the area from which light from any part of the electromagnetic spectrum can be observed], this can be determined to be a logical assumption because of mankind’s proportionately insignificant presence amongst an estimated 100 billion galaxies.

There is no omniscient, omnipresent being out there judging you, deciding how to accurately reward or punish you for your behavior based on some abstract moral code.  The only real answer to why anything ever happens is chance or organic intervention.  Take the short human life-span out of the equation and imagine being able to live forever—you would experience all things, “good” and “bad” that could ever happen, based solely on odds.  In the time of The Universe, everything will happen, and it has nothing to do with you.

Accept control of your life when it is yours, and relinquish it when it is not and you’ll never ask “why me” again.

Two-thousand-nine was undoubtedly the most unpleasant year that I’ve had to face in my life.  In order, I experienced a job loss and heartbreak, my mother was laid off, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, my father was threatened with a lay off, potential foreclosure, the death of my grandmother, denial of admission into school, further heartbreak, and as a result committed acts of betrayal which led to a downward emotional spiral.

What follows is an unnamed philosophy I’ve come to adopt this year that’s changed all of those experiences, as well as some new ones, from terrible circumstance to digestible life that in the end feels positive.

The words that I offer you here aren’t magic—they’re simply words.  If applied to everyday life with honest effort, however, I can tell you that some, if not most, things will be easier to deal with, and troubles will bead off of your skin like water.

These ideas aren’t for everyone.  Some [maybe many] of you will disagree.  Some of them conflict with faith, while others challenge more general spirituality or ideas of interconnected existence.  Be forewarned: Enter here with a closed mind and you will see nothing, but come with a desire for change and you may well be surprised.

I can tell you first hand, though, that my life has never been so good and it has nothing to do with what’s happened to me and has everything to do with how I now see the world.

After reading through these five things to remember, if you find yourself with questions or comments, positive or negative, feel free to shoot me a message on my Formspring.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.