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Great photoblog, or the GREATEST PHOTOBLOG?

Sir, I would like you to know that I appreciate that immensely and hope that you are enjoying An Expanding Universe.

For Space Enthusiasts:12.22.09-12.31.09AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE, 10 DAYS, 150 HIGH RES SPACE IMAGE EXHIBITION
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From   the 25 th August to the 13 th September 2009, this giant picture of the entire   sky is exposed in the « Un ciel pour une planète »   exhibition, in the Atrium of the Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco.

This is the sky of the Earth. The vault of heaven, which in reality envelops us in a dark velvet sphere spotted with stars, is seen here projected onto a plane.

This improbable 360-degree panoramic image, covering the whole of the vault of heaven, embodies thus the cosmic landscape in which our small blue planet is immersed.

Click to see it in all its 360-degree glory
Its silky smooth and made me a little nauseous. I spun it too fast.

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Now that’s my kind of Christmas.

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New York Times Correction notice, published July 17th, 1969, the day after the launch of Apollo 11.